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Our Mission

No Racism In Schools #1865 is a campaign focused on closing the gaps in policies, laws, and protocols that govern race related matters in schools. Our mission is to foster hate free educational environments nationwide for all kids, creating zero tolerance.

Our Story

In March 2019, the lives of nine children and their families changed forever. Targeted by peers at their school on social media, these nine children were no longer students at their school, but children who feared for their lives. Through the dedication of the mothers of the "Arbor View 9", the nation is being impacted and changed.

No Racism In Schools #1865 creates and promotes proactive educational initiatives, community events, lobbying, parental involvement and dialogue among diverse groups in all community sectors.



Responding to Hate and Bias in the West


Coshandra Dillard - Issue 64, Spring 2020

A Las Vegas school made headlines when hate shook its campus. Now a group of parents is fighting to ensure children learn in a safer and more equitable environment.

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